The Cornerstone Ranch

Bathroom Remodel

The Cornerstone Ranch was the first home we purchased.  I fell in love with the home the minute we walked into it. The market was hot, so I wrote a letter to the sellers telling them everything I loved about their home. I loved the full-wall stone fireplace with marble hearth, the countless windows and natural light, and the surprising amount of storage everywhere you turned.  The home was all stone and situated on a large corner lot, so it quickly became our Cornerstone Ranch.

I have always been able to look past someone else’s decorating, and paint color and I just knew there was so much potential in this house. I thought some fresh paint on the walls and new furniture would do the trick.  I may have underestimated this transformation just a bit. After we moved in, it seemed like the projects never ended and we spent most of our time and money at Lowe’s. I was having fun though and it was so rewarding to see the space transform.  

My two biggest learnings from our first home were:

  1. Live in the space before you update anything. I had been given this recommendation by a few people and completely disregarded it.  What did they know? I needed to get in and make this home ours immediately.  Well, they knew more than me. If I had listened, I would have prevented myself from painting the entire interior of the house twice, would have renovated the kitchen differently, and wouldn’t have had to replace the basement flooring three times! Lesson Learned.
  2. Never Ever underestimate the good bones of a house.  It took selling and purchasing another property with no good bones at all to realize I didn’t appreciate the good bones at the Stone Corner Ranch.  The stone exterior, marble windowsills, original wood floors, and just overall solidness of the house. These can be tough qualities to find, so when you do find them, appreciate them! 

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