Mid-Century Modern Blue Ranch

After completing our previous project, the 50’s Fabulous Farmhouse, we knew we wanted something a little easier for our next adventure. We were on the hunt for a home that needed minimal work, had low maintenance requirements, was located in a good neighborhood, and had the potential to be a great rental property. That’s when we stumbled upon a charming 1950’s Mid-Century Modern Ranch. This 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom home features floor-to-ceiling windows, vaulted ceilings with white beams, and a great mid-century design. The abundance of natural light sealed the deal for us, and we wasted no time in transforming it into our new Mid-Century Modern Retreat.

One of the best parts about this home was the lessons we learned from our previous project, the 50’s Fabulous Ranch. Unlike that home, this one had an already updated kitchen (though it didn’t quite match the mid-century aesthetic), newer windows, furnace, and hot water tank. The bathroom was also about 95% updated. These were areas that had taken up a significant portion of our budget in the previous project, so we felt like we were ahead of the game this time around.

With less major renovations to tackle and a smaller footprint, we immediately got to work making this home rental-ready. We focused on three main areas that we believe are vital for renting any home: durability, comfort, and safety. You can find more tips on getting your home rental-ready here.

Durability at the Mid-Century Modern Retreat  

Durability was a top priority for us when selecting materials for this property. We opted for laminate flooring in the bedrooms and living room, as it is much more durable and longer-lasting than carpet. In the kitchen, laundry room, entryway, and bathroom, we went with ceramic tile for its durability and longevity. All the walls received a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey paint in a satin finish that is durable, easy to clean, and smudge-resistant. The kitchen already had granite countertops and backsplash, which is another great choice for durability.

Comfort at the Mid-Century Modern Retreat  

Next, we focused on ensuring comfort for potential renters. We had budgeted for a new AC unit since we knew it was needed, and we wasted no time in getting it installed. However, we were surprised to find out that new insulation was also necessary. Nonetheless, this important addition helps keep the home comfortable throughout the year and can help renters save on their electric and gas bills. Additionally, we installed a new digital thermostat, replaced all the interior doors, and painted them in Sherwin Williams Pure White in a Semi-Gloss. We also added new door hardware and made sure there was ample storage in all the closets.

Safety at the Mid-Century Modern Retreat  

Lastly, but most importantly, we paid close attention to safety. As mentioned in our rental guide, it’s essential to check with your local city to understand the safety measures required for rental properties to comply with the code. This may involve the quantity and placement of smoke alarms, among other things. In line with this, we installed new Smoke/CO2 Alarms and Fire Extinguishers, cordless blinds for added safety, new locks with a keypad for convenience, and replaced the gas stovetop with an electric one. Finally, we removed a playset from the property, even though our target renters include families, it is a liability and should not be present.

Overall, our experience with the 1950’s Mid-Century Modern Retreat has been great. The combination of a well-updated kitchen, newer windows and essential systems, and our intentional focus on durability, comfort, and safety has made it a highly desirable rental property. We’re excited to share this Mid-Century Modern Retreat with future tenants, knowing that we’ve done everything possible to make it a welcoming and secure home that they can enjoy. 

Check out the before and after photos at the Mid-Century Modern Retreat below: