Reviving the Classic Charm: Exploring Paint Colors at the 50’s Fabulous Farmhouse

When we first bought the 50’s Fabulous Farmhouse, the walls were an eclectic mix of colors ranging from purple to teal to dark blue. Topping it all off was a bold pink chevron wallpaper in the bathroom, and the doors were flat panel wood. Despite ample natural light, the gloomy paint and dull doors made the home feel dreary. Recognizing the potential for a complete transformation with a fresh coat of paint and new doors, we set out to choose the perfect colors to marry all the spaces together and bring them to life. Choosing paint colors can be an overwhelming task, but we’re here to share our favorite colors, finishes, and transformative results. Never underestimate the power of paint!

First up, the walls

For the walls, we opted for Sherwin Williams Dover White in a Satin Finish. We chose this color because it’s a warm, creamy white that adds a cozy feel to the space. Plus, it complements the other colors we chose perfectly. We love that it’s not too bright or stark like some other white colors can be. As for the finish, we went with a satin finish because it’s easy to clean and durable, which is important for high-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms.

Next, trim and doors

For the trim and doors, we chose Sherwin Williams Pure White in Semi-Gloss Finish. This color is a true white, which works well with the warmer white of the walls. Plus, the semi-gloss finish adds a subtle sheen that gives the trim and doors a polished look. We chose this finish because it’s also easy to clean and durable, which is important for areas that may be prone to scuffs and scratches.

Moving on to the ceiling

We decided to go with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in a flat finish. This color is a light, warm beige that adds a subtle contrast to the white walls. We love that it’s not too dark or overpowering, which allows the other colors in the room to shine. As for the finish, we chose a flat finish because it helps to hide imperfections and gives the ceiling a smooth, seamless look.

Finally, for the bathroom

We chose Benjamin Moore Horizon in Satin Finish for the bathroom batten board. This color is a soft, muted blue-gray that adds a calming feel to the space. We love that it adds a pop of color without being too bold or overwhelming. For the finish, we chose a satin finish because it’s moisture-resistant and easy to clean, which is important in a bathroom.

Overall, we are so happy with the colors we chose for the 50’s Fabulous Farmhouse. Each color was carefully selected to complement the other colors in the space and add a cohesive feel to the home. We hope that our choices will inspire you to find the perfect paint colors for your own home!

Check out more before and after pictures of the 50’s Fabulous Farmhouse here.


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