A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Rug

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There is no place like the perfect rug! Rugs are often considered the unsung heroes of interior design. Not only do they add a layer of comfort to any space, but they also serve as a visual anchor to tie in the different elements of a room. However, with the vast selection of rugs available in the market, selecting the perfect one can be overwhelming. In this guide, I will be giving you tips on how to select the right rug for your room.

Size Matters

Before anything else, consider the size of your room. A rug that’s too small or too big can throw off the balance of the space. As a general rule of thumb, your rug should be large enough to fit all your furniture on top of it. In the living room, this means that the rug should extend beneath the front legs of your sofa and armchairs. In the bedroom, the rug should frame the bed and extend at least 24 inches on either side.

What’s Your Style?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to style, but your rug choice should complement your furniture and wall colors. If you have a lot of patterns in your room, consider a solid-colored rug. If your furniture is solid, a patterned rug can add visual interest to the space. There are a variety of designs and materials to choose from, including oriental, shag, wool, and jute.

Wear and Tear

Consider the purpose of the room when selecting a rug. If you’re placing a rug in the entryway, consider one that can withstand heavy foot traffic. If you’re placing a rug in the dining room, choose a material that can handle spills and stains. This could mean opting for a washable rug or choosing a synthetic material like nylon or polyester.

Lately, I have been loving Washable Rugs from Rugs USA. Washable rugs are an excellent choice for those who want a low-maintenance but still stylish and practical. They are made from durable materials that are easy to wash, so they are perfect for high-traffic areas or if you have pets and children. Unlike traditional rugs, washable rugs can be easily cleaned by throwing them in the washing machine, making them an affordable, long-lasting investment. Shop my favorite Washable Rugs Below.

Washable Rugs

Room-Specific Rugs

Different types of rugs work best in specific rooms. For example, wool rugs are a great choice for the bedroom as they add warmth and comfort to the space. Jute rugs, on the other hand, are perfect for the living room or dining room as they’re durable and easy to clean. In the bathroom, consider a bath mat made of cotton to absorb moisture.

Switch It Up

Lastly, don’t be afraid to switch up your rug to give your room a fresh look. It’s an easy way to give your space a new vibe without buying new furniture. Try swapping a patterned rug for a solid one or vice versa.

Selecting the perfect rug for your room requires a combination of practicality and creativity. Taking into account room size, style, wear and tear, and room-specific rugs can help you make an informed decision. Remember, a rug can tie a room together, so choose wisely.


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